Where to Watch Monster Anime?

Monster Anime is one of the most iconic Japanese Manga series that is made by Naoki Urasawa. The series Monster Anime is so captivating with its thrilling horror, crime, and mystery genre. The show is ever-famous for its marvelous twist and turns in the story. It is also famous due to the character of Kenzou who has done full justice to its role! You will love the psychotic characteristics displayed by the main young character. It all revolves around how his actions affected the life of an incredible surgeon which impacted his personal life too!

No one wants to miss out on such a thriller-horror-packed Monster Anime series! Read the article below to know where you can stream to enjoy the famous show, Monster Anime.

The right way to stream Monster Anime is to watch the show on Netflix or Amazon Prime. But not all countries have access to the series. Netflix and Amazon Prime only allow it to be streamed in North America and Japan. Thus, if you are looking for the answer to where to watch Monster Anime then you are at the right place at the right time.

Watch the series spot on without any trouble on Netflix, or Amazon Prime and you can also view it on Viz Media as well in a few countries.

Anime has gotten popular in recent times. If you do a quick search on the Reddit pages, you will understand the overall hype! The discussion threads would be enough to tell you about how many times die-heart fans, re-watch their favorite Anime programs! Almost on weekly basis, some group of people always comes forward to discuss their favorite Anime shows and characters with a lot more on Reddit pages.

The Monster show has also made its mark. It has hooked all the Anime fans and for all right reasons! The show was officially released ten years ago but these days’ people are watching & searching for the show all over again! Yes, the Anime was that good!

So, what is so special about this particular Anime that people want to watch it again? When is the show coming back? Are there going to be any new seasons?

Let’s find out all the answers to your questions below.

A Brief Introduction of the Monster Anime:

Monster- the famous series launched year was 1994!

In December 1994, the anime was primarily released by Naoki Urasawa. As time passed by, the Viz Media and Big Comic launched almost eighteen volumes, consecutively. The whole eighteen volumes were launched from the nineties to 2001.

Then, Madhouse Studio comes into the scene after the release of the novel. Right after, the anime wing of the banner got launched by the Madhouse Studio. Shortly, the anime gained popularity with only seventy-four episodes. It took only 74 episodes and the Anime made a huge impact within the Anime industry! How come people are still searching for the show even after such a long period?

It is time to answer the ever-famous question that, where you can watch the Monster Anime- hassle-free!

Can I watch Monster Anime on Netflix?

It is one of the most asked questions regarding the Monster Anime.

The answer is quite complex as it goes as Yes-No!

What does YES mean?

It means yes, you can watch Monster Anime on Netflix. If you are lucky and Netflix provides the Monster Anime Series within your region.

What does NO mean?

It means you cannot watch Monster Anime on Netflix. Because Netflix streams the Monster Anime in specific regions only.

Where is Monster Anime currently obtainable?

It is easily accessible in America. According to licensing rights of June 20, 2011. If you live in North America then enjoy the privilege! As you can watch the Monster Anime without any issues. It is because Viz Media only functions in North America. Therefore, the Anime fans in the American and Canadian regions, don’t take this facility for granted and enjoy watching one of the iconic Monster Anime hassle-free!

However, it is high time to demand the series in other regions as well. Also, it is the right time to voice your demand on the subject!

Does Amazon Prime have access to Monster Anime?

Here is the good news.

Yes, all the fans can watch Monster Anime (2002) on Amazon Prime. Keep in mind that the Monster Anime is only obtainable via Amazon Prime US. You cannot access the show in Canada or any other region for that matter except the US.

However, the series has both options of English Subtitles as well as an English Dub. Moreover, if you have a premium member of Amazon Prime US then relish the access to the offline facility as well.

Can the Anime Fans watch the Monster Anime on Funimation?

No, you cannot see the Monster Anime on any of the Funimation platforms. People generalized the fact that the Funimation Company has a good bond with Viz Media and Sony Pictures. Unfortunately, it is not the case. But in recent times, Funimation and Crunchyroll collaborated but still, there were no signs of streaming Monster Anime on the platform.

However, you could watch the Monster Anime via Sony pictures. The platform does provide a lot of Anime movies and series as in Death Note! Sadly, Viz Media doesn’t stream in all countries but if you are in the US then enjoy watching your favorite anime shows. However, if you live in Canada, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, and New Zealand basically out of the Unites States then you may not be able to watch the series at all.

Furthermore, even after being the close associates with the founding members, the cutthroat competition within the industry wins the trophy! Therefore, it is not a small feat to win the license of an iconic Anime such as Monster. It won’t be wrong to say that Sony’s Funimation is a little behind the race with its competitors such as Netflix or Amazon.

How About Watching the Monster Anime via Crunchyroll?

It is not easy to answer the question of whether the Monster Anime will be available or not. Crunchyroll has the world’s largest collection of Anime. Crunchyroll doesn’t provide access to the series or videos presently on their webpage.

It’s not a hidden fact that Crunchyroll loves the Anime series. The library discussions on the Crunchyroll webpage prove it with the snaps of characters and scenes from the Monster Anime series. The platform is filled with approximately 175 posts, 400 fans, and almost a thousand comments. In the comments, fans talk about the novel and the show as well.

It doesn’t stop here as the Crunchyroll has many blogs and articles on the famous Monster Anime.

However, according to the newest update of 2021, Sony’s Funimation would get the ball rolling with Crunchyroll real soon. But still, the news isn’t confirmed by both parties either it is out in the papers!

Even if they commence the platforms, the outcome is still blurred. It can’t be said that with this change, the Monster Anime would be available on both platforms. However, anime fans can keep their expectations higher. Hopefully, they will be able to have access to all the titles.

If only Sony buy the rights to Monster Anime then the fans can watch their favorite Animes easily. Not to mention, the cost of the anime rights is not lower by any means. There is also uncertainty because the contract is not out in public yet.

Other Platforms to View Monster Anime Legally:

Let us save the trouble to your query: Where else can you stream Monster Anime hassle-free?

It is safer to say that Netflix and Amazon Prime are one of the most famous sources to stream and watch the ever-popular Monster Anime. The licensed distributor is also the hassle-free way to stream Monster Anime via legal platforms such as Viz Media Online.

The Monster Anime isn’t streamed online. It happens rarely but you can watch it on television networks easily. Nippon Television is one of the well-known, original television networks. For instance, platforms such as Funimation Channel, Chiller, and Syfy!

Moreover, the book has been launched in many countries in the past few years. The novel was launched in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Brazil. The media-licensed companies deal with the legal rights in the different countries discreetly. If you are located in the country where the books are launched, then you can get the book. Also, you can enjoy watching the Monster Anime on DVD.

Info About DVD of the Monster Anime:

Primarily, the entire responsibility to release the DVD of Monster Anime was on the shoulders of Viz Media. But the production of Viz Media didn’t launch the DVD format at all the Monster Anime.

Since the fans are hyped to watch the Monster Anime again so Vid Media might take benefit from the opportunity. It is the perfect time to turn the tables and launch the DVD on the 10th anniversary of the anime.

The fans now prefer to watch the Monster Anime in premium quality. That’s where the trouble begins as most online sites have it in poor quality. Therefore, if you come across the Monster Anime with a 1080p resolution then count yourself lucky! Not to mention, you will find the series with only Japanese audio mostly. So, don’t expect English subtitles or audio.

Let us enlighten you with a fact that you can now watch the Monster Anime on Youtube as well. You will find a total number of 74 episodes on Youtube. You might come across the full series as a few YouTube users have uploaded the entire anime show. It is also stated that one channel authority belongs to the licensed distributor of the famous Monster Anime series.

You can also watch the series with English subtitles on YouTube. There is also another playlist that has English audio translated. Enjoy the series in multiple audios easily.

It’s your call on how you prefer to watch the Monster Anime. It also depends on a fact as to where you are located. If you live in North America then you can watch it on Amazon Prime as well as on Netflix. However, you can also use VPN to resolve the issue of IP address to watch the Monster Anime.

Not everyone is familiar with the Japanese language. If you also don’t understand the language then English audio versions would be the right choice for you. The audio also comes with English subtitles or a translated English audio version.

However, it is not a small feat to find the Monster Anime online on distinctive platforms. It is once in a blue moon that you might come across any webpage that has the access to famous Monster Anime. Even, if they have uploaded the series, it is more likely in the lower quality and not in 1080p for the series.

Therefore, if you want to watch the series in good quality then Netflix or Amazon is the perfect option for you! If you don’t have an access to both then use a VPN to hide your IP address. Or you can look out for the series on YouTube. The quality is also not that bad of the series on YouTube.

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