What dinosaur has 500 teeth- Everything you should know about Nigersaurus

The term “What dinosaur has 500 teeth” became a cruel viral meme on the famous Reddit. The thread started out as “don’t google what dinosaur has 500 teeth” which naturally broke the internet. It prompted everyone to check out the searches and was appalled by the name of the dinosaur. The dinosaur with 500 teeth is named Nigersaurus after the country it was discovered.

The innocent carnivorous dinosaur came under the radar when the Google auto-suggestion created some unfortunate events. Many found the thread to be incredibly offensive and racist. Especially because the name was a reference to the racial slur used for years now. Nigersaurus had resided in the Republic of Niger around 115 million years ago. The country is located in West Africa.

We know what you might be thinking. How could someone bring up something so sensitive to light without contemplating the consequences? The worst part is that many people did a search for “dinosaur with 500 teeth” and added cruel comments to the thread.

Their reactions made this so-called meme something many talked about in 2019; the account user that posted the thread has now deactivated and deleted their account. They wanted to save their reputation after the thread had become a viral meme.

The search phrase has been making the rounds again and we are here to change the narrative of the topic. Let’s, not the vile meme take away from the magnificent beast that walked on earth for many years.
Here is our take on the plant-eating Nigersaurus.

Origin and Discovery

The Nigersaurus or “dinosaur with 500 teeth” was initially discovered during an expedition to the Republic of Niger in 1965 till 1972. The lead paleontologist Phillippe Taquet was from France. They published a paperback in 1976 highlighting the sighting, the paper also reported on the inadequate preservation of the dinosaur’s remains.

It explained how the preservation of the dinosaur with 500 teeth had a thin and fragile skull. This made it harder for the paleontologists to make any substantial predictions about the head of the creature. However, a name was given to the newly found species that was Nigersaurus, it was named after the country it was discovered.

Description of the dinosaur

Nigersaurus was further discussed and described by another expedition team in 1999. These reports were made on the basis of new skeletons of the dinosaur. Now the details about the creatures’ skulls were published by paleontologist Sereno.

The team was adamant that the dinosaur was a carnivore that used its long neck to reach down to eat grass. The shape of the wide jaw with several teeth gave this dinosaur great advantages. There is a lot of information out there about the teeth’ size and shape.

1.     Titles are given to the dinosaur

This is the time that Nigersaurus was nicknamed as “Mesozoic Cow”. This label was given after establishing that the dinosaur had 500 teeth that were used to grind and break down tons of grass every day. Many broke the silence about the dinosaur saying that it was the more uncommon and unique species.

The dinosaur had a lean and turned inward crown tooth. These crowns were sharp with ridged edges. The teeth in the lower jaw were smaller than the teeth in the upper jaw.

2.     Prominent physical features

  • To call this dinosaur enormous won’t be enough. The Nigersaurus was over 29 feet tall. To provide a rough estimate of the weight; it was 4.4 tons, which is about the size of an African elephant. Nigersaurus was a sauropod, which means that they were some of the largest animals to have lived on planet Earth.
  • The tooth columns were crammed with 60 small needles like teeth. There were also 68 in the lower jaw. Counting all together, the ginormous animal had 500 teeth.

Notes by the paleontologist “Paul Sereno”

Paul Sereno was one of the first paleontologists that discovered the skeleton remains of the dinosaurs. His discoveries made it easier for the next expenditure teams to know what to look for. His personal notes are mentioned below.

“Nigersaurus is a 30-foot-long plant-eating dinosaur that lived quite a while back in what is currently Niger’s Sahara Desert. Nigersaurus resided in a suitable climate, neighbors to the vicious dinosaur Suchomimus, the vegan Ouranosaurus and Lurdusaurus, and Supercroc.
Nigersaurus had a weak skull and a broad mouth that had teeth especially for picking grass on the ground.
This odd, long-necked dinosaur is portrayed by its strangely expansive, straight-edged tip with in excess of 500 teeth. The initially founded skull of Nigersaurus is going to be the first-ever dinosaur skull to be cautiously remade through CT scans”

Later Paul Sereno calls the dinosaur “Bizzare 500 toothed dinosaur” in his journals. He mentions how he is thrilled to have made the discoveries. His first week went pretty innovative and exciting during the expenditure.

This is also mentioned in his journal entries “Our most memorable week in the field has been the first one! Amazing revelations appear to be sitting tight for us around each ridge. We identified the bones of the long-necked dinosaur Nigersaurus.
Nigersaurus, we named for the bones we gathered on the last endeavor here quite a while back.
This sauropod (long-necked dinosaur) has a rare skull that has about 500 slim teeth. A significant objective of this campaign is to track down the remainder of this uncommon dinosaur so we can remake its model. We are coming close to our mission quickly since we happened upon a skeleton we have found a skeleton in just a few days”

The dinosaur might have been a viral meme for some people but it was more than that for the researchers and paleontologists. They worked hard to discover the different features and bones of the dinosaur. They dedicated years to explain the masses what a dinosaur has 500 teeth and why it’s a beautiful beast.

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