The Ultimate Germany Honeymoon Guide

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Are you ready to plan the best unforgettable honeymoon trip to Germany?

Well, you have made the right decision by choosing the best European country for your honeymoon.

Why? Because Germany has it all!

Germany has unreal scenic and themed roads. The country also has lots of fairytale castles, sandy beaches, a plethora of culture-filled museums and palaces. German also has diverse architectural sites that UNESCO claims as historical sites.

The country is a hub for shopping festivals, you can also rest your feet at their cute cafes after a day of retail therapy.

Scrumptious foods, car culture heritage to plentiful of outdoor activities. This country never fails to impress! You’d get to create lifetime memories with fun, adventurous, romantic honeymoon destinations across the country.

How can you take it all in?

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The Top Four Magnificent Places to Visit During Your Honeymoon in Germany:

We all know, that Germany is filled with some of the iconic scenic spots that are a perfect retreat for newlyweds. Therefore, we have compiled some picture-perfect spots so you won’t have to!

1.    The Moselle Valley:

Take one glance at Moose Valley & you’d understand why it is on the list!

The valley looks like some finest artists have hand-painted it. Indeed, one of the most beautiful places in southwestern Germany!

The valley is stretched not only in Germany but into France and Luxembourg as well. As locals say, the undeniably artistic scenery seems unreal! The beauty of landscapes, the vine-clad hills, fascinating villages, ancient castles. It is the perfect place to start your honeymoon because it doesn’t get any more romantic than that!

Oh, don’t miss out on the tour to Burg Eltz, the fairytale gem of a castle that is surrounded by lush-green forest atop a hill. Moreover, you’d get the chance to explore the taste of one of the award-winning Riesling wines, the kind that is produced in Germany, Austria, and elsewhere!

Top Tourist Attractions of Moose Valley:

  • The ancient town’s marketplace (Hauptmarkt).
  • Trier: The city of Roman heritage.
  • The dynamic Eltz Castle.
  • The oldest church aka St. Martin’s.
  • Zell and the Zeller Hamm to a lot more.

2.    Go Skiing at Berchtesgaden:

The ultimate Germany honeymoon guide is not completed without mentioning the Berchtesgaden.

It seems as fascinating as fairytale castles during the winter months. As a couple, you’d get to enjoy the sports activities such as skiing, hiking to a lot more.

Did you know you can also relish the iconic classical musical scenes?

How? Well with the original Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg. No, it’s not the only top attraction in the southeasternmost corner of Germany.

Top Tourist Attraction:

If you fancy your honeymoon in a wonderland then you will be happiest to know about this wonderland.

  • Winter weather activities such as skiing, and hiking.
  • Taste perfect wines whilst reliving classical music scenes to palace concerts.
  • Are you into cooking? Then make sure to check out exclusive cooking classes on traditional dishes at several restaurants.
  • The popular salt-mines tour of Salzburg to a lot more.
  • If a winter wonderland is your cup of tea then do not miss out on this dreamy hideout, known as the best for honeymooners.
  • Not to mention, the scrumptious food, and a bunch of fun outdoor activities make it one of the must-visit places across the country.

3.    The Sandy Beaches of Sylt:

The North Sea and its sandy beaches-sounds amazing, right?

Who doesn’t love to unwind, chill and simply relax by a beach?

The majority of the couples like to spend quality time, create lifelong memories, breathe in the fresh air, feel the calmness with the breezy sound of waves hitting the shore, and simply, let go of all worldly worries for a while!

If you also want to feel that with your better half then Sylt is your dream place!

The place is known as the Queen of the Frisian archipelago. The oceanfront, Michelin-starred restaurants, the spectacular Wadden Sea, the picturesque dunes to endless beaches make it one of the romantic places to be with your partner!

Go windsurfing, take long walks by the beach, watch unreal sunsets, sailing, mudflat hikes, dine-in with enjoyable beachy views, or simply sit by the beachside promenade!

4.    The Black Forest:

Are you into spa treatments?

Then end your honeymoon in the black forest at Baden-Baden with one of the best spa treatments in the world!

So, when you go back home you are as fresh as new! The vibes of the black forest will make you a bit indecisive in terms of creating a honeymoon itinerary for the region!

Don’t get hooked on the question of where to go first! Just begin exploring.

What can you do in the Black Forest?

The options vary from staying at a spa hotel in Baden-Baden to enjoying scenic hiking holidays within Feldburg or the pleasing views at the Titisee aka lakeside holidays.

You can discover the famous chocolate and cherry gateaux to plenty of fairy tales as well as cuckoo clocks a lot more than the Black Forest have inspired!

Yes, we know it is tough to decide but you should explore it all on your own in your vehicle! You guessed it, right. A car trip to the beautiful black forest!

Take your car out of the garage, get the auto parts checked, hit the road, and explore the magnificent Black Forest at your own pace!

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Germany is a perfect honeymoon destination. The romantic getaways you will explore here are found nowhere else! The adventurous, dreamy, exciting experiences will bring your lifetime memories to hold on forever.

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