| Why the ESPN Sports Channel is considered the Godfather of Sports Entertainment

Interested in an ESPN Subscription? Before you make a final decision, here are some important factors to consider that cater to all the doubts regarding the subscription.

When you talk about ESPN Sports, you are really invoking some kind of sports history. Anybody who has ever been a sports enthusiast of any sort in the USA must have tuned into the ESPN Sports Network some time in his or her life.

ESPN and its affiliated channels have not only been the gold standard in airing sports documentaries, sports conferences, and pre-and post-game shows, as well as the actual sports events around which these are based.

We might also say that in some respects, channels like ESPN have been instrumental in setting up the industry standards for sports entertainment in the USA.

ESPN’s Early History

The foundation of the ESPN network goes back to 1979. When Bill Rasmussen and his son Scott Rasmussen teamed up with Ed Eagan and thought up the concept of creating a sports channel. This channel would bring the action live and happen to the doorstep of sports enthusiasts all over the USA.

The result of all their efforts was the creation of ESPN.

For those who want to know, the acronym ESPN actually stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.  Based primarily in the USA, ESPN is an American sports channel that however, also broadcast sports events internationally.

Present Ownership

The ESPN sports channel network today is jointly owned by the  Walt Disney Company (originally set up by Walt and his brother Roy) and Hearst Communications (famously attributed to William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper magnate).

The ownership split is that Walt Disney Company has 80 percent of ESPN, while Hearst Communications has the remaining 20 percent.

Channels Available on the ESPN Network

It is really interesting to note that ESPN has never really rested on its laurels or maintained the status quo. The fact remains that the network has spawned quite a number of channels.

For instance, there is the ESPN+ channel that functions as an on-demand streaming app. ESPN+ beams out both live programs in real-time, as well as exclusive sports events and shows.

It is also important to mention that ESPN+ is quite different from ESPN2 and ESPN3, which are other additional channels on the ESPN network.

Serious Watchers Only

For first-time viewers or those desirous of taking an ESPN subscription, it is a bit disconcerting to note that the ESPN+ streaming service does not come with any kind of temporary or free trial service.

How to Decide

So the best option for those interested in subscribing to these services would be to take the considered opinion of experts who have already watched and reviewed the available channel content.

The second option would be to ask neighbors, relatives, or social influencers who are known to have an unbiased opinion. Ask about the quality, variety, and popularity of the content that is being streamed out through this network.

It’s Your Choice

Whichever route you want to take, in time you would undoubtedly have to make your own analysis regarding the nature and variety of sports and entertainment content that is available on the ESPN network.

The desire to purchase or forgo the ESPN streaming service subscription would likely rest with some or the other family member. You can share your account with four members of your home, so if you have sports lovers in your home, ESPN streaming will be a staple.

In fact, it would be the overriding factor that would influence the finality of the choice that would be made.

Before You Decide

Anyway, we just wanted to mention that since the subscription does not come with a free trial service, it is recommended that you should wait and analyze the content available and also the opinions of the family members before you make a final decision to purchase a subscription or not.

Analysis of ESPN+ Content

Experts have seen that the ESPN+ channel boasts no less than 1000+ live streamed sports events, in addition to no less than 35+ sports-related shows.

 The ESPN+ package is available for around $6 a month. Its extra features include and cover live sports programming, with some UFC exclusive events as well as some downloadable offline content for selected events.

What is the Cost to Subscribe?

A monthly subscription would set you back $7, while a yearly subscription is available for $70. If you do the math correctly, it would save you $14 a year if you decide to take a yearly subscription as compared to the monthly package

Want to Buy a Bundle?

For viewers who are looking for a better deal, there is a widely publicized bundle package that is also available for around $14 a month. This bundle package includes Disney +, Hulu+ Live TV and ESPN+ all in one convenient offering.

Why Taking the Bundle Deal is Definitely Better

Doing a little math calculation in your head would prove that you will be saving $8 per month for those taking the bundled all-in-one package. That is a comparison to those who have subscribed to each of the three channels separately. This amounts to a saving of $96 a year- which is nearly a $100 benefit.

So Many Benefits

After consolidating and analyzing all the above information, we can state that there is simply no comparison regarding the price range as well as the number of live sport streaming events and the sports shows coverage that is provided by the ESPN+ network. Other channels don’t even come close.

You Don’t Have to go far to Subscribe

One thing that can be really appreciated about the ESPN network channel is that they have made it really convenient to subscribe to the channel.

First-time subscribers have a choice to take either of the three options- Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ separately or as part of one bundled package. There is also an option to upgrade to any of the additional channels as you decide.

Just click on the relevant option and you will be redirected as necessary.

A Good FAQ Page

There is also the much-visited FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page that can be resorted to before contacting the Help and Support staff. In fact, we would even recommend that you visit this page beforehand. It often tells you a way to solve your problem without troubling anyone else.   

Removing any Confusion

If you are in any way confused as to any aspect of this deal, you can also contact their online Chat or Help and Support page that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all through the year.

Just go online and describe your related problem or issue, and you will be connected to a real live person who will take your query and help solve it themselves or direct it to the person who can. It’s all very convenient and efficient and it’s inbuilt for quite a positive customer experience.

Very Sports-Themed Indeed

What we want to add here is this; now that you have subscribed to a sports-themed channel, this is exactly what you will get here, 24 hours a day. In fact, don’t expect to see anything else other than sports commentaries, discussions, and live sports broadcasts. Sports you want and sports you will get.   

Some Exclusive Events

Everyone in America knows that in recent years, there has been an explosion of sorts in the number of people who are watching fight-themed shows like UFC fight nights, and all-star wrestling events like WWE and NXT.

A Wrestling Haven

In fact, the whole WWE franchise would cover Smackdown, Afterburn, RAW, and a host of other programs- one of which is aired every day of the week.

Quite literally, there are even shows where champions of one program are teamed up to compete with champions of another. There is a host of sports memorabilia and other wearables that are the favorites of fans and wrestlers alike.   

The UFC Franchise

Sports historians maintain that the sports disciplines comprising the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) franchise today originally had their genesis in the Oriental culture of Asia and the Far East.

It most probably started off in Thailand, Vietnam, or Malaysia- never mind where- but the fact remains that mixed martial arts, Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and related events are widely watched and respected in nearly every country of the world.

Good Media Coverage

What’s more, the online media has turned these events into highly watchable exciting events that command a sizeable and respectable audience all across the globe.

Whether you are a Conor McGregor fan or an avid follower of Charles Oliviera, Brandon Moreno or Floyd Mayweather- you will no doubt have at least heard of their names in sports circles or even in normal conversations.

Branching Out

It’s not entirely surprising to see that some of these UFC fighters have even made their names in different sports- or even entirely different arenas.

For instance, Conor McGregor has acted in the Fast and the Furious franchise, while Ronda Rousey has moved from the UFC and MMA arena to take up Wrestling- originally being billed as the Baddest Woman on the Planet at her debut.

Some Well Deserved Accolades

Even Dwayne Johnson, who was popularly known as the Rock, and who emerged from a wrestling family based in Samoa and Hawaii, was crowned the People’s Champion and ultimately left the wrestling arena to take up acting as a new profession.

Just imagine that today, he ranks as one of the most recognizable and bankable actors out there. Clearly, his persona as an all-around good guy has helped him in this regard.  

Amazing Versatility

Dwayne’s acting achievements and versatility have helped him work in action flick like the Fast and the Furious franchise, to the comedy-related Jumanji Parts 2 and 3 as well as the Tooth Fairy and Rampage. In fact, it would today take a whole book to cover his achievements.

Other wrestlers who have emerged from the WWE arena include Stu and Helen Hart, and their sons Brett Hart and Owen Hart. The Uso Brothers are another family that is to be watched today and they are related to Roman Reigns and regard him as head of their family/ tribe.   

Getting to the ESPN List of Programs

Some top favorites among sports watchers who regularly tune in to the ESPN sports network include; the Big 12, National Hockey League games, the Professional Golf Association events, top-ranked boxing shows, and also some exclusive UFC channel content that is not available anywhere else in the USA.

For those who may be interested in Sports News, ESPN has sports commentaries and sports news information emanating from its Sports Center.

Among the ESPN+ premium content that you can also watch on the ESPN+ channel are hundreds of live events.

 These offerings are based on a Rotating Schedule that is always available to the user in advance so that they can make their sports entertainment plans in advance, or update them on the weekend, or whenever possible as new events unfold and are made available.

To access your ESPN+ offerings, use the ESPN app. Next, choose to watch either Featured or Original content. There are three sections that the ESPN schedule has been split into- these are Life Now, Upcoming, and Replay.

If you want to see what are the next sports events that are going to be aired soon, check the Upcoming Section. You will see a schedule of upcoming sports events along with a brief description. Based on this, you can decide what to watch.

A Variety of Platforms

To watch ESPN and its related sports channel networks, you can access these through the ESPN app.

What is commendable is that this app is readily available on virtually every platform there is in the USA- or indeed all of the developed world.

This includes mobile smartphones, tablets, personal computers and laptops, Roku-themed players, devices that use Fire TV products, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast devices, and even gaming-related devices such as the Play Station 4, the Xbox One device, and also Samsung Smart televisions. 

Another advantage is that users and subscribers can also stream on up to as many as three separate devices at the same time, using just one single account.

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