| What All Is On at the Bally Sports Channel in 2022

Sports lovers of the world, unite. If you are fortunate enough to live in the North American continent, more specifically the USA, you are informed that a relatively new sports channel called Bally Sports has been in operation since 2021.

So if you have not yet got any news of this channel, now is the time to check it out.

We are quite sure that you will be pleasantly surprised and possibly even excited by the wide range of online offerings that they have on the Bally Sports channel. The story is that Bally Sports is an offshoot of the popular Fox Sports network.

What does the Bally Sports Channel offer?

The sports fanatics who have already sampled the offerings available on the Bally Sports network in the USA state that this site contains no less than 19 regional sports channels.

These range from boxing, martial arts, golf, football, wrestling, and equestrian events. All these sports disciplines have been combined under one network.

The prime advantage of this type of offer is that you don’t have to flip from one channel to another. You don’t have to remember the channel numbers, or even have to program your TV remote to be able to watch these diverse events. You don’t have to record your programs that are taking place all across the USA.

With all these channel offerings on one single network, you just have to click on the right button and you are instantly transported to another sports event in another state of the USA. Now, this is something special for the viewers.  

A Combination of Local and Regional Sports Channels

As a viewer, if you like to watch sports events on the Fox Sports network, you can get programs with the Bally Sports network.

You may finally notice that on the Bally Sports channel, the emphasis lies on giving the viewers a more detailed coverage of local sports events. These might be taking place at different times or even simultaneously in different US states or districts.

In fact, the Bally Sports channel has also teamed up with a number of local and regional sponsors. They love to promote their own hometown-based team favorites for any particular sports championship.

Putting Old Wine in New Bottles

Some real critics of the Bally Sports network are saying that the Bally Sports network is in fact, nothing more than a refurbishment of the former Fox Sports Network-related sports event offerings.

As every viewer invariably forms their individual opinion on this.

 We understand that each of us is entitled to their own opinions and that they make these opinions after analyzing the content available on different sports networks. However we don’t agree with this statement.

Many Kinds of Viewers

Sports enthusiasts may include casual spectators and some die-hard fanatics and supporters. These could be a fan of any sport that they like or have played in their youth.

Unfulfilled Desires

In fact, some say that the real reason behind the love for any particular sport is a secret desire to play in that sport.

Even after having achieved some degree of success or local fame in that sport, some regret that they have not been able to achieve the level of success that they desired.

In other words, the love for a particular sport may be an unfulfilled desire that manifests itself in the sport that they love to watch. It may be as simple or uncomplicated as that.   

For the More Technologically Aware

One key and important difference that we have noted between the Fox Sports channels and what is available on the Bally Sports network is the fact that the Bally Sports network has some technological features that are not available on the Fox network.

The hardworking generation millennial and others point out is that is no online live comment feature or online betting feature available on the Fox Sports network. In fact, some say that this is the glaring difference between the two sports channel networks.   

Excitingly New

Many sports enthusiasts of the younger generation find the online live comment feature and the online betting feature to be more exciting than the relatively staid Fox Sports news channels.

They look at these two features as a chance to get more involved in the intricacies of the sports that they love.

In these days of online sports media networks, it gives them a chance to say what they feel and this could also lead to changes in how the sports are played.

Rule Changes for the Better

The shift towards neutral umpires or guest referees is one case that has in fact been appreciated all across the world.

This feature was first seen in operation in the sport called Cricket. Now it has been extended to wrestling and football- and in fact a lot of other sports.

The use of a third umpire is another feature that has been started in Cricket but has found its way into Football and a lot of other sports.

Decisions can be reversed or upheld in the light of action replays or slowdowns that show what in fact happened in a particular instance.

Crossing the lines or bending the rules these days is simply not tolerated any more.  It’s all in the Spirit of Fair Play and frowning upon any kind of discrimination, racial or otherwise.   

A Mark of Respect

Viewers will in fact remember that bowing down on one knee before each sports event as a mark of respect was becoming more and more common in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the George Floyd incident in the USA.

In fact there have been cases of players being penalized or sidelined in case they refused to follow the commonly accepted behavior of their sports teams or groups.

Eccentric Behavior

On other end of the line are those who have made a statement for themselves by doing something extraordinary. You could regard this as simply a statement of their individuality or just another way of making themselves stand out in a particular sport.

One case that viewers should remember is the case of American Football player Tim Tebow, who would invariably, got down on his knees and pray in the dugout before a match. He also wore eye-paint with numbers pertaining to Biblical verses with some particular meanings.

While regarded as a bit uncanny, it still commanded a lot of attention in those days. Tim had explained that it was an expression of his personal beliefs and nothing more than that.

Some Bad Examples

Invariably, there have been some events or happenings in world sports events that have led to negative reactions and an outcry that has shaken the foundations of a sport.

Hand of God, Really?

Who can forget the Hand of God goal by Diego Maradona in the football match quarter-final of the 1986 World Cup between Argentina and England.  Some 33 years on, it is still being disputed and talked about today.  

Zidane versus Materazzi

And who could forget the infamous head butt of the French player and skipper Zinedine Zidane on Italy’s Marco Materazzi during the extra time in the 2006 world cup of football. It remains one of sport’s unsolved mysteries.

According to Materazzi, Zidane head-butted him in the chest after Materazzi said something to him. At least that is what the replays show.

The Real Reason Why

Upon further investigation, it was stated by Materazzi that Zidane asked him if he wanted his shirt as a memento. Zidane it seems was riding the waves of egocentric bravado at this time.

Clearly Materazzi was not impressed and in disgust, stated that he would like not to have Zidane’s shirt, but in fact his mother. At least that is what Zidane said in his own defense.

However Materazzi maintains that this is not what happened and that Zidane is lying to cover up his moment of infamy.

Materazzi says that since he lost his own mother when he was 16 years of age, he would never have insulted.Zidane’s mother. We may never know the truth about this, but the fact is that the fame of Zidane was certainly eclipsed for a while after this incident.

A Sizeable Number of Channels

Experts have indicated that the Bally Sports channel has obtained the display rights from no less than a total of 42 local and regional home based teams.

 These teams include among others, the National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association and the Major League Baseball teams.

Why Bally Sports was created

The reason behind the creation of the Bally Sports channel was not just to ride on the popularity of the online sports craze. In fact it was a very well thought out decision indeed.  

Splitting up the Monopoly

The Department of Justice had at one point indicated to the Disney network of companies that it needed to arrange a split up or sell off of some of its network companies.

In the opinion of the industry watchdog, Disney was approaching a stage where it controlled an unreasonably large number of companies in one single group and this was irking the officials of the Department of Justice.

 A Measured Decision.

Something had to be done to mitigate this eventuality. In consequence, Disney split Fox’s regional sports network into two groups.

 Disney’s upper management gave control of the first division to the Sinclair Broadcast Group. Disney gave control of the other division to the Diamond Sports group.

The Sinclair group was given the additional responsibility to re-form the Fox regional sports network into a new group altogether. This is what ultimately led to the creation of the Bally Sports network- an altogether separate business entity.

New and Distinct Features

Any young sports fan will tell you that there are two very recognizable features at the Bally Sports network that make it distinctively different- namely the live online sports comment feature and the online sports betting feature.

In fact TV and entertainment industry sleuths and historians have found out that the Bally Group rose to fame from its initial success as a gaming and betting entertainment provider.

The Bally Corporation has even owned its own horse racing tracks, as well as some casinos and betting ticket franchises in the state of Cop.

 It is quite clear that Bally Sports channel management sees the online live comment and betting feature as one of the main sources of revenue for this relatively new site.   

What are the Main Sports Represented?

The main sports franchises that form part of the Bally Sports network are the NHL, the MLB and the NBA.

According to sports industry estimates, the Bally Sports network has signed up with no less than 42 professional teams covering the extremely popular sports of basketball, baseball and hockey in the USA.

Bally’s Coverage of US Popular Sports

These include 16 teams from the National Basketball Association or NBA, 14 teams from the MLB or Major League Baseball, and 12 teams form the NHL or National Hockey League.

We might add that all these teams have been very carefully selected based on their local and regional popularity among the viewers of the Bally Sports network and the Fox Sports channel network.

How to Access the Bally Sports Network

At present, DirecTV stream is the single live television streaming service that is offering the Bally Sports channel and its regional sports networks. This also includes the YES network and the Marquee Sports Network.

In order to get access to the DirecTV stream, subscribers will need to sign up for the $89.99 Choice based plan. This plan offers a 5 day Free Trial, and you can opt out of the plan by cancelling it before the expiry of the trial period. In this way you can carefully determine whether the plan offerings are good enough for you or not.

In any event, this is a good way to see if your investment in this entertainment option would be worthwhile.    

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