All About Samsung Girl: A Big Triumph For Samsung via The Sensational Samsung Virtual Assistant!

Are you curious about Samsung Girl? Then congratulations, because you are at the right place!

Get your answer now to all your questions about who is Samsung Girl? In simple words, she is the buzzworthy & trending viral Samsung virtual assistant who won the hearts of the masses!

Samsung Girl was one of the hype-worthy, viral sensations of 2021. Nobody expected the virtual assistant Samsung would be trending. This was unexpected for the company and almost everyone!

We mean, nobody had thought one day they’ll wake up and Samsung Girl aka Sam would have thousands of tweets. Moreover, the Samsung gurl also took off the Tiktok by storm. So, you see it was one of the topmost captivating internet sensations of 2021.

Let’s discover why she became the topic of numerous memes? What made Samsung Girl so famous overnight?

The world has now seen many virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana. They are known globally among many others. If someone plays audio of Alexa anywhere in the world, it gets recognized in no-time flat! These virtual assistants can be differentiated by their unique audios, throughout the world.

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Approximately, all the popular virtual assistants don’t have a face. But it all changed with the virtual assistant presented by a multi-award-winning, visual arts production house, well- known as Lightfarm Studios. They changed the entire concept of virtual assistants with the Samsung Girl!

A Complete New Avatar:

The reason for the main success of the attention-grabbing sensation of 2021, was due to the avatar look of the Samsung Girl. We all know that the main purpose behind the idea of virtual assistants is to make our life easier.

So, the new Samsung Girl changed the entire criteria. Also, Samantha made her mark and replaced Bixby as well. She went viral quickly because of her captivating appearance. As soon as she entered the internet world, the internet community fell in love at first sight!

Launched In June:

The Samsung girl was primarily revealed in June. It came as a surprise but the new Samsung girl won the hearts of millions of people.

Why Is That So?

The new avatar was released by the visual arts studios in 2021 June. The revolutionary transformation turned out to be a huge triumph. The whole concept was admired by the masses!

It won’t be wrong to say that the Samsung Girl aka “Sam” made people her fan! However, some people were very confused about this particular change in the virtual assistants. So, don’t be confused and read below to know all about Sam, The popular Samsung Girl.

Who Exactly Is Sam or the Samsung Girl?

The Samsung Girl is the invention of multi-award-winning Lightfarm Studios. The talented individuals at Lightfarm Studios made history with their innovative Samsung Virtual Assistant.

The Lightfarm studios are widely popular for their realistic creations such as CGI images. They not only make picturesque images but also makes videos, AR filters, and VR applications as well. However, the real fame to Lightfarm came with their creation of the virtual assistant aka Sam!

What Made The Samsung Girl go Viral?

Before Sam or Samsung Girl, the virtual assistants used to be different. They never had any avatar or appearance but were presented with a captivating voice.

Sam is short for Samantha aka the Samsung girl, has a cheerful and vibrant presence. She is a wide-eyed, lively young lady who vibes to multiple tunes on her own Samsung phone. She also likes to jam to the browsing apps as well. The look of her as a Virtual Assistant avatar will be used in the future undoubtedly!

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Some Fun- Facts about the Charming Samsung Girl:

Important Information about Samantha Samsung:-

AnimatorsLightfarm Studios
Viral NameSamsung Girl
PersonalityLively, Cheerful
Ethnic groupKorean
OriginSamsung Mascot
Approves/LikesSamsung Only
Disapproves/DislikesApple Products

In the virtual assistant world, Sam works as a Virtual assistant for the Samsung Company. She is still young but is known as a peculiar asset to the company.

The Samsung Girl aka Sam powered the Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It is a fact that Samantha did replace Bixby (created in 2017). However, Samsung girl empowered the smart things too along with the Samsung gadgets, such as home appliances.

Samsung girl made a lot of noise by her launch. The internet was flooded with fan art and thoughts on the newest virtual assistant. The overall hype was worth it and rightly so! The world did need a Samantha aka the Samsung girl to make things a little more fascinating and fun!

However, it was simply a concept and nothing else. So, the Samsung customers can only imagine. It would have been a real success if Samsung would have turned this concept into reality. Nevertheless, the internet did love the hype and the entire vibe developed by the Samsung girl!

According to the Samsung designers:

We used ‘realistic materials’ for the creation of virtual assistants aka The Samsung Girl.

What Difference It Made?

The internet was swamped with the questions such as, Is Samsung Girl real?

The designers said they used creative 3D artistry as well as realistic materials for her hair and clothing. That’s why Sam gripped the attention of millennial’s spot on. The Lightfarm made its mark by making Sam’s appearance esthetically alluring. It’s safer to say, they did a marvelous job in this regard.

Now, let’s see how Sam ends up. She might end up joining Bixby, Alexa, Cortana, or even Siri! However, when it comes to virtual assistants then the tables have turned!

Make sure to check out the multitude of fan content available in the internet world. It is more likely you’ll end up seeing both sides.

 As there are always two sides to all stories, it’s a similar case with the Samsung Girl. You may observe some people saying about Samantha as ‘look-alike Pixar‘ whereas someone appraising it as ‘Bixby is done.

Where Can You View The Samsung Girl?

Well, the creator Lightfarm has created a link for Samsung girl pictures. There is an entire gallery that you can view on their webpage. The gallery is filled with promo images of Samsung Girl. You can view the viral virtual assistant images at the site

A Tough Competitor:

However, Samsung Girl is going to be a tough competition for Google Assistant. Because it is one of the most used virtual assistants within the Android community.

Sam grabbed the attention of almost everyone with her arrival. People couldn’t get over the Samsung Girl’s fascinating looks.

But let’s wait and see how it turns out because it is still to be seen how it will be developed in the future.

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