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Who doesn’t know about Amazon these days? According to experts, approximately 90% of people shop their goods via Amazon is not only a big name in the industry of online retailing but is also well known in the world of entertainment.

Now, with the Amazon Prime Video platform by your side, you can watch amazing videos over the web hassle-free. As we all know, during the pandemic people were not allowed to go to movie theatres for all right reasons.

Therefore, many filmmakers acknowledged the scenario and tied their knots with Amazon prime video to launch their movies. This way, people were able to enjoy their favorite entertainment shows without any issues. Amazon Prime Video has released many big movies across the world in recent times.

Amazon Prime Video lets you enjoy your favorite shows on multiple devices. Now, you can stream Amazon prime video on almost all devices such as mobile phones, computer screens, gaming consoles, smart TV, streaming devices to a lot more. But first & foremost, you must activate your device with Amazon Prime Video. Below, you can learn how you can connect your device with the Amazon Prime Video.

Follow these steps to Function Amazon Prime Video at

Before we dig into further details, make sure to check whether your device is suitable for Amazon Prime video or not! To know, you have to go to the app store or channel store of the device. And then look out for Amazon Prime Video. If the option of Amazon Prime video application or channel is present there then you can continue the process. Make sure to follow these step below to activate the Amazon Prime Video on your gadgets or devices.

  • Turn on the device and ensure internet connectivity. It is necessary to have a fast & stable internet network.
  • Head to the application or channel store and look out for the Amazon Prime Video channel or application.
  • Now, when you get the Amazon Prime Video, do not forget to add it as a channel or you can also download it on your device.
  • Once the installation procedure is completed then you can open the application. Next, sign in to your Amazon Prime Video account. You’d have to tap on “create an account” as a new customer. Otherwise, you can sign in to your existing account.
  • Afterward, you will receive an activation or verification code. This unique code is customized for your device only. In other words, you need different codes for different devices.
  • Next, you can use your mobile, computer, or any device that is connected to a stable internet or you can head to the via browser.
  • Simply, sign in to your Amazon account. If you are a new customer you’d have to create a new account. Once you are logged in, you have to insert the activation code. Enter the activation code of the device and tap on the “Verify my device”

After clicking on the “Verify my device”, head down to your gadget or device. The device will automatically be refreshed. However, if it is not refreshed then you can do it manually as well. After this, you can watch your favorite shows hassle-free with your family and friends. You can follow similar steps for all gadgets and devices.

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At times, extra information such as your date of birth, etc. is required on some devices. But the basic procedure remains the same across all main devices. However, if you face any difficulties while logging in then you can reach out to amazon prime video customer services for assistance.


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