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The SWENET team is pleased to inform you about the latest features and functions upgrades as well as interface enhancements to the Space Weather European Network Portal, version 3.08.


  1. Data Browsing Page

  2. swpc_drap (datat starting from 11th September 2012) replace the table swpc_dregion (data until 13th October 2010)

    swpc_gp_xr_2s to show GOES-15 data and include new field x_ratio, but without fields stat_wd1 and stat_wd2. swpc_gp_xr_3s without field x_ratio are filled with data further on, but with no new data for the fields stat_wd1 and stat_wd2.
    GOES primary XRS hi-resolution solar X-ray flux (from the space environment monitor). 3-second resolution before 2009/12 (from GOES-10), 2-second resolution afterwards (from GOES-14) until 2010/11 and since 2012/07 from GOES-15 [info]. Retrieved from E-SWDS.

    The sec service has been renamed to swpc and the secdb service has been deactivated. As a consequence:

    • All sec and secdb tables can now be found under the swpc section.
    • The secdb tables

      • ace_d_kp_15m
      • ace_d_kp_4h
      • goes10_sem_3s

      are now updated with data from ESWDS. All other secdb tables receive no further update.

    • All GOES tables can be found under the swpc/goes section.
  3. Index Quality Statistics made easier by introducing compact vs. full view functionality, and by adding an explanatory section on space weather indices.

  4. The service DIAS (European Digital Upper Atmosphere Server) has been added with the following data:

    • foF2 maps over Europe
    • Daily sunspot numbers plots
  5. The service SWACI was introduced. Update 2009-03: Hourly TEC maps over Europe added to database.

  6. The service BINCASTS added smoothed monthly sunspot data, a long-term data set.

  7. The service Ionosfera added more detailed amateur radio connection data.

  8. The service SIDC added Presto report and Ursigram data, as well as EISN, PISN and DISN (estimated, provisional and definitive international sunspot numbers).

  9. Java webservice users should update to the demo client 1.01, as the interface packages have changed.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for the Space Weather European Network Portal, please do not hesitate to contact the SWENET team at swenet@etamax.de.


Magnetic field activity
Provided by Auroras Now! (FMI)

TEC Maps over Europe
Provided by SWACI (DLR)

Hourly maxima changes in the horizontal magnetic field components recorded at the Nurmijarvi observatory in Finland. The periods with enhanced probabilities to observe auroras are marked with red bars. The time axis is in Finnish local time.

aurorasnow latest data
Last update: 2012-01-20 00:00

Hourly TEC maps with a presenting the vertical TEC (in TECU) over Europe.

swaci latest data
Last update: 2011-08-29 07:00

Current Space Weather Forecast, provided by SIDC (ROB)