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First European Space
Weather Week

29th November - 3rd December 2004, ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Online Proceedings

This page will contain copies of the presentation material from invited review talks given during the above meeting. Poster presentations and invited written contributions will be published elsewhere.

For more information, please contact A. Glover or J. Lilensten.

StoA 1: Radiation Environment of the Earth / Spacecraft and Aircraft environment
Convenors: D. Heynderickx & S. Bourdarie

StoA 2: Ionosphere / Positioning and Telecommunication
Convenors: Lj Cander & N. Jakowski

StoA 3: Magnetic Environment / GIC's and other Ground Effects
Convenors: A. Thomson & K. Kauristie

StoA 4: Atmospheres / Drag, Global Change
Convenors: E. Friis-Christensen & T. Ulich

Session StoA 5: Solar weather / Solar Activity Forecast and Predictions
Convenors : M. Messerotti & H. Lundstedt

Gen 1: Agencies Activities
Convenors : F. Lefeuvre & C. De Matos

Gen 2: Outreach to Communities, Emerging Markets and Education
Convenors : F. Jansen & N. Crosby


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